Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Huan-Cheng Chang

Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Fluorescent Nanodiamond: A Versatile Nanomaterial for Bioimaging and Quantum Sensing

Toshiaki Enoki

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Nanographenes: Interplay of edge geometry and chemistry in the electronic structures

Ho-Kwang (David) Mao

HPSTAR, CHINA, and Carnegie Institution, USA
Tuning atomic bonding, crystallinity, and dimensionality of carbon with high pressure

Boris I. Yakobson

Rice University, USA
Graphene to diamond, and dimensionality effects on doping and photon-emission---in theory
Confirmed Invited Speakers
  • Sergey M. Deyev (Shemyakin & Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow, Russia)
    Multifunctional Nano structures for Theranostics
  • Yasuaki Einaga (Keio University, Japan)
    Recent development on electrochemical application of boron-doped diamond electrodes
  • Andrew Greentree (RMIT University, Australia)
    Graphene and 2-D materials for transistors: challenges and perspective
  • Dean Ho (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
    The Intersection of Diamonds and Digital Health
  • Nan Jiang (Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
    CVD single-crystalline and nano-crystalline diamond fabrication and application
  • Anke Krueger (Universitaet Wuerzburg, Germany)
    Nanodiamond for catalytic applications
  • Lance Li (TSMC, Taiwan)
    Graphene and 2-D materials for electronics: challenges and perspective
  • Kian Ping Loh (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
    Graphene Chemistry: Production and Application
  • Soumen Mandal (Cardiff University, UK)
    Nucleation of diamond
  • Vadym Mochalin (Missouri University of Science & Technology, USA)
    Our recent research related to nanodiamond or 2D transition metal carbides/nitrides
  • Hiroki Morishita (Kyoto University, Japan)
    Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance Study of NV centers in Diamond
  • Shinya Ohmagari (AIST, Japan)
    Reduction of dislocation density in diamond by hot-filament CVD accompanying metal incorporations
  • Rodney S. Ruoff (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
    Multidimensional Carbon Materials
  • Dmitry Semchenko (New Diamond Technology, Russia)
    Ultra Large HPHT Diamonds: technology, quality assessment and applications
  • Won Kyung Seong (Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Korea)
    Phase transition of metal carbide materials by ultrafast heating and cooling
  • Jason Smith (University of Oxford, UK)
    Laser writing of colour centres in diamond
  • Anirudha V. Sumant (Argonne National Lab, USA)
    Towards developing oil-free solid lubricants based on graphene-nanodiamond ensembles
  • Chih Shiue Yan (Alishan Diamond Technology Corporation, Taiwan)
    Property and prospect of gem-quality single crystal cvd diamond in industry
  • Nai-Chang Yeh (California Institute of Technology, USA)
    Manipulating different quantum degrees of freedom in two-dimensional van der Waals materials and nano-metamaterials