Welcome to the 13th New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference

Welcome to the 13th New Diamond and Nano Carbon Conference(NDNC 2019) which will be held at the scenic east coast of Taiwan from May 12-17, 2019.

NDNC has a long history and is a merger of the former International Conference on New Diamond Science and Technology (ICNDST, initiated in 1988 in Japan) and the International Conference on Applications of Diamonds (Applied Diamond Conference), initiated in 1991 in USA). In recent years, NDNC 2018 was held in USA, NDNC 2017 was held in Australia, and NDNC 2016 was held in China.

The conference will present recent breakthroughs in the synthesis, physics, and application of diamonds and other carbon nanostructures, such as graphene and nanotubes. The program features four plenary talks, 25 invited talks, oral contributions and poster sessions. The conference venue is the 4-star Farglory Resort in Hualien at the entrance of the majestic Taroko Gorge National Park.