Asian Conference on Analytical Sciences (ASIANALYSIS) starts from 1991 in Chiba (Japan), making a history of success. Then, the conference is held every other year: 1993 in Changchun (China), 1995 in Seoul (Korea), 1997 in Fukuoka (Japan), 1999 in Xiamen (China), 2001 in Tokyo (Japan), 2003 in Hong Kong (China), 2005 in Taipei (Taiwan), 2007 in Jeju (Korea), 2009 in Kuala Lumpur (Malesia), 2011 in Nanjing (China), 2013 in Fukuoka (Japan), 2016 in Chiang Mai (Thailand), 2018 in Jakarta (Indonesia).

The 2020 edition of ASIANALYSIS will be held in the Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan during April 17 to 20, 2020. The Conference may serve as a platform to bring together scientists and researchers from academia and industry, to share their experiences and research achievements, and to explore the possibilities for feature collaborations in the following areas,

  1. Chromatography and Separation Techniques
  2. Spectroscopy and Applications
  3. Recent Advances in Mass Spectrometry
  4. Sensors Technologies
  5. Microscopy and Imaging Technology
  6. Pharmaceutical Analysis
  7. Polymer and Materials Science
  8. Environmental Science
  9. Education on Analytical Science
  10. Applications and many moreā€¦

The conference features keynote lectures, invited lectures, oral presentation, two poster sessions, and sufficient opportunities for discussion. Three or four parallel sessions will proceed in the Chemistry Building.

The arrival day is April 17, followed by a reception to be given in the evening. The scientific program will be open in the morning of April 18 and end at noon of April 20, 2020.

Important Dates
  • Early bird registration opens from September 15 to February 15. (350 USD for regular participants and 120 USD for students with ID)
  • Regular registration opens from February 16 to April 5.(400 USD for regular participants and 150 USD for students with ID)
  • Abstract submission opens on September 15 and closes on March 15.
Each poster board will be 146 cm wide by 90 cm high. (Usable space is 140 cm wide by 80 cm high.)
Thumbtacks/tape will be available onsite for mounting the displays.