While consumption of electricity is closely correlated with quality of life, it would simultaneously impose unbearable stresses to materials and energy in our planet earth. Photovoltaics—being an empowering technology that converts photon energy to electrical energy—offers an earth-sustainable mean to meet the electricity need. The challenge faced to popularize photovoltaics is harvesting solar energy with short energy payback time and green production technology. The other challenge is to reap artificial lighting produced by our precious electricity. New-generation photovoltaics takes these challenges with use of novel materials, creative processing and innovative devices.

This Workshop is the fourth in series held in Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, to provide a great opportunity to discuss the most relevant issues in new-generation photovoltaics: advanced material designs, new processing methods, device characterization, and large-scale fabrication. Leading researchers are invited to share their scientific views in these aspects. In particular, several experts will report their newest research endeavors in perovskite photovoltaic systems.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, including Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences and Center for Sustainability Science, Academia Sinica, for their supports of this workshop.

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